I’m Backpacking!

This is not a very interesting post, rather a “I’m so excited that I have to talk about it” sort of thing. I talked about how I wanted to go camping this summer and how I have a lot of offers. Well, I’m definitely taking up one person on that offer. E (my co worker, Keens trainer, my trainer, and good friend) said that she wanted to go backpacking this summer too. 

She said that, a couple years ago, she and some friends went on a backpacking trip on a trail that lead to three lakes. One higher than the other and about half a days trek between each other. She never made it to the third one and intended on doing so this summer. I am super stoked!! 

Now we have a place and I just got my stuff. If I could, I would go right now. I had to work this morning and my boss and I deep cleaned the kennels after I gave four bathes. And it started at 7:45 this morning. So, I was so excited when I came home to find all my stuff arrived. Now the weather is preventing me from playing with my equipment.

When I ordered the tent, it was beautiful outside and warm. Now that I have the tent… It’s snowing. So, I can’t set the tent up in the rain, while expecting it to be dry. Looks as if I really am going to have to wait a few more days before I’m able to try it out… Ugh.


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