This post is just going to be me talking about all the things that are spinning around in my head right now…

I went to career transitions today to work on my HiSET. I was a little anxious but not terribly so. Some things I had to do today was figure out what to do about Keen not liking V (the “teacher” at CT), turn in homework, and confront her about taking the test soon. Well, as soon as V came out, she started talking to Keen and he was not liking it. I snapped him out of it, then asked her to follow the ‘no touch, no talk, no eye contact’ rule. 

I find that people I see often feel that they get to touch and talk to him because they know me. That’s not the case. My family isn’t even allowed to touch him. Anyways, he did great after that. I then asked V when I was going to take the test. I said that I really want to take it as soon as possible due to the motivation I have after passing the SD test. If I am motivated, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. 

I discovered that I started to go into a depressive state due to fact that I felt like I was going no where. Now I am moving forward and feel very… Proud of myself. We are getting accommodations to maximize the time for the test taking to minimize the stress and anxiety of not finishing before the time is up. I am pretty excited to get these tests out of the way… There are five of them and they are each 75 minutes long. 

Now that I have Keen certified, I have enstilled more confidence and now we are able to work as a team and take one day at a time… In a breeze. 

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