The Final Test

Today is the final test for Keen and I. It is going to be at the mall, I hope. We are supposed to choose a place that we frequent for the test to take place. I chose the mall. There have been less incidents there than anywhere else. My trainer, has not been answering our calls or messages when Keen had that incident at the mall. Yesterday she messaged me and asked if we could do lunch. This morning. I don’t know if she is thinking she is going to be able to fix Keen’s issue in a matter of a few hours. 

But, surprisingly, yesterday I was extremely calm. I don’t if it was the late night at antiprom or what. I have never been so confident as I was yesterday. I didn’t even do anything to calm myself, it just happened. Usually, my anxiety would prevent me from thinking rationally. It was the strangest feeling, and I loved it! 

If only we could have taken the test yesterday, with no drama. The thing is that when I’m nervous, Keen will feel it and act inappropriately. So if I am calm and assertive, we will pass the test. My trainer told me when we first got Keen what will be on the test and due to my crummy memory, I can’t remember what is on there. The lady that’s testing me was going to have a lot of tests to give and we were hoping it would just be quick and easy. Now I am the only one she is testing, so that is making me nervous.

So, I am hoping everything goes well… 


This is my hair after I took out my victory curls for antiprom…


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