My Down Day

Today is my Down day. I am not doing anything especially… Difficult or challenging today. When I am going through a tough patch, I schedule a down day during the week. I have to work today, but I believe it’s just chores (meaning that I just have to take care of the pets and not deal with people). 

What am is my activity for the day? I am going to do a well overdue cleaning of my room. Oh and do laundry of course. But I am reorganizing it so that I can fit more kennels in my room. I cleaned half of my room last night and it already looks much bigger. I still have a ways to go though… 

I love cleaning my room, you see. I haven’t always though. Birth to age 10, I had always shared a room. When we moved to Montana, we started to get our own rooms. There are four of us you see (siblings I mean) and it was often quite difficult to find a house with five bedrooms that we could afford. Now we do and I LOVE reorganizing my room and waking up in the morning to a clean and new room…

I had better get going… Here’s a pic of Keen on a walk the other day…


Happy puppy! (Attie is in the background)


Stop taking pictures of me, Abbie!


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