A Perfect Dog?

So, these past few days have been pretty terrible. Keen has been acting up and being a jerk! Usually I’d just let that go, but he and I are going to be tested on Monday. I had an episode this morning after Keen ran off. That was pretty discouraging. First time for a few months. My mom also discovered that Keen has NO idea what to do when I’m in an episode. I asked the trainer when we first got him to have him alert me to an episode By licking my eyes. He doesn’t EVER lick me on the face since I got him in January. I don’t know if she forgot about it or what.

But I have not been doing very good. Yesterday, we took my little brother to urgent care to get his physical for track. Keen did good until we were about to leave and my mom wanted me to take off his vest so that the people at the desk could pet him. I think that was the first mistake…

Ok, first of all, I am a very quiet person. When I’m in public, I block out everybody around me because there is always a fanfare of people telling me I have a service dog. If people ask me what he is for, I tell them what is on his vest. He is a seizure alert dog. What’s his name? Bradly. I have a fake name for him because a lot of times, when I’m in public, they start calling him. If they don’t call him by his name, he will ignore them. Anyways, since I do not have a drivers license, my mom goes everywhere with me. She is a very social person. 

I don’t tell people the background of Keen unless I am comfortable doing so. My mother is always talking to other people about him and me, it might be a mother thing or she justs loves to share our story. Either way, it makes me very uncomfortable. She was doing what she always does at urgent care, which led to her having me taking off his vest to socialize. As soon as a lady came around from behind the counter, he raised his hackles and started growling and barking. O my gosh! My heart stopped. I was not expecting that to happen at all. He didn’t even have warning signs of backing up or doing a low growl. He was wagging his tail until she came close enough to touch him. 

I kept my cool and did all the things I was told to do in that situation. But he would NOT snap out of it. I gave up trying to make him stop and just left. As soon as I got in the car, I just fell apart. It was so disheartening. We are supposed to be perfect by now… What am I going to do?

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