So… My birthday was fantastic! I went to a movie night with a friend and my sibs then my grandparents and cousins came to visit the day after. The reason I haven’t been blogging lately is because I got myself a new iPad mini and I’m still trying to get all my info transferred over to it. My little sis had her birthday on the 18th and we had more cake… Or that is pie and brains. XP Brains are brownies that have glitter goo between it and the outer layer of some kind of frosting… It’s the same stuff you cover pretzels with…

I also groomed on my birthday and I was surprised by my boss when she and her husband came with pizza, drinks, and cupcakes. We talked and they were telling me how thankful they were for me because they haven’t gone on vacation for eighteen years! I can’t imagine! Then when my co worker showed up to start grooming, she got me a kite, a tulip, cake, and a balloon! I felt very blessed! 

Anyways, it was really fun. I have also been getting out and looking for petrified wood. And I have been hitting the jackpot! I found a gorgeous one the other day and I was able to break it open to see what’s inside. Very cool for me. 


I also got a corgi puppy to train! Another sort of birthday present… Her name is Zoey and she is adorable! 



She was living with an old guy in an assisted living establishment and when she came to me, she had no idea what we were trying to tell her when we would tell her no. She didn’t even know that us telling her ‘good girl’ was a positive thing. Apparently the guy would lock her in the bathroom for days on end. Now she won’t walk through a door unless it’s to go outside. She has gotten a lot better and loves the creek and field. She also LOVES tennis balls! I am excited to see how she turns out after a month goes by… 




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