Pips in pain!

My dachshund/jack Russell mix dog, Pipp, got neutered today… He looks terrible. Usually when I walk through the door after work, he comes running and squealing to great me. Today he was laying sprawled on the couch in a drug induced daze… He couldn’t keep his eyes open.

He is about 5 or 6 years old. We are having to re home him because he was too attached to me. The reason that’s a bad thing is because I have a Keen now and Pipp won’t let him do his job. Now that Pipp can’t sit with me all the time, he has been very depressed.

It breaks my heart but I think he needs to be able to bond with a new person of his own. It also makes me so sad when Pipp tries to move and he just whines and moans. Pipp hasn’t slept with me for months and now he is sleeping with me and Keen is in his crate. I bet he sure feels special!


The thing that made my whole day (yes today was a pretty difficult day for me) was when I went to check on Pipp a few hours after I came home, and when he opened his eyes he just started wagging his tail! Oh man did it make my whole day worth it! 😝


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