Mistakes and Lessons

As I’m getting ready to take my GED, I have a “teacher” that helps me prepare for it. I go every week and get homework and talk about what the homework is. It usually lasts for about two hours. So, first of all, Keen was found in a dumpster and whoever threw him in there, is not going to be his favorite person. We have concluded that he was probably a gray haired, tall, big guy with glasses.

My “teacher” is a tall, gray haired, lady with glasses. Keen has not liked her from the beginning. So this week, I asked her if she could take off her glasses for second and greet him so that he doesn’t think as her as a threat. What did she do? She refused.

So the whole entire time Keen was barking and growling at her if she even looked at him. I was furious. I really wanted to just leave because she is making him and I look terrible! Service animals are not supposed to be barking and growling at people. It would have been an easy fix. All she would have to do is let him know that it is okay. If I had to do it again, I would have left.

Keen’s trainer/my colleague, Emily, got really mad when I told her. So she is going to come with me the next time I go and make her comply with the rules. Emily says that she has no right to not work with me to get Keen comfortable because of the ADA law. That will be an interesting day.

At youth group the other day, a lot of people were greeting Keen incorrectly and teasing him. Well… All SD teams know what people will do. So, if you are new to this, my advice to you is… If you go to a group event, make sure everyone knows the rules and boundaries for you and your dog.


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