Birthday Month

Tomorrow is the beginning of my birthday month. A lot people give me a lot of crap about how I was born on Friday the Thirteenth. I do not care. I am not superstitious. After I tell them that, they ask me “Has anything unlucky ever happen to you?”

Ok… Yes I’ve had a lot of terrible things happen to me in my life so far. That is not because I am “unlucky.” There are so many people that have a lot harder life than I do. I read things and hear things about how people are fighting cancer at the age of 7, and someone getting blown up by a bomb and losing the use of their legs. So no… I haven’t had anything “unlucky” happen to me.

Most things that happened to me is either because the devil is trying to get rid of me or my own stupidity.

TBI at age 8… I came back. I am not who I used to be before the accident, but I do not miss it any longer.

Conversion disorder… Well, I haven’t known this me for very long. I am slowly getting to know me. So far I have come up with a meticulous, short tempered, introverted, dog loving, strive for the best girl. Oh and a very anxious person at that.

Depression… My depression lasted for a summer for short periods of time. My therapist thought that I have always struggled with depression. That would explain my slow moving, tired, unhappy third grade self. My advice to anyone that struggles with depression is to write your thoughts down. Don’t keep them cooped up to where they end up bursting in a way that you had no idea they would.

There are quite a few more things that has happened in my life that I’m not proud of and wishing to forget. But I still do not believe in it being because I’m unlucky…

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