Ok… The dentist appointment went good. Everything went fine. Keen did not like it though. I have never had any work done on my teeth before, so I’ve never had my mouth numbed before. I was all good with the needles and numbing… Stuff. But when they started to work the teeth out, I got really anxious.

I started shaking and finding it difficult to breathe. Keen noticed it beforehand and jumped up on the chair and just laid the front of his body across my legs to perform DPT. The dentist and assistant weren’t sure what to do. And kept looking at me, but I couldn’t talk, so they just asked if they needed to stop and I shook my head no.

They kept looking at Keen as he was intently watching me. As if he was going to attack them if they hurt me. So it was pretty fast and quiet. The reason I started getting anxious, by the way, was because I didn’t know if I was going to feel anything or not.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m anti social, but rather awkward. I tend to panic in a social situation, even with good friends. I hate going to get my hair cut because of the fact that they might feel compelled to talk to me. When I am faced with a situation like that… I go into a panic. I feel as if cotton balls have been stuffed in my ears and I’m not able to focus on what they are saying.

It’s so bad that I’m not able to talk on the phone due to the fact that I can’t remember anything they say. I just nod and say agree with them. My boss often calls me when she needs to talk to me about something, and sometimes I don’t think it would be useful to answer the phone because I won’t remember what she says.

Usually she’ll either leave a message or send a text right after. That way I can look back on it multiple times to make sure I get everything right. Anyway… Just letting you know how the appointment went.

Oh! Keep Keen and I in your prayers because he and I are getting tested possibly on Saturday for certification of compatibility between handler and service animal. Really worried that he and I aren’t ready yet…


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