Pre Tooth Pulling Post

Well… Today’s the day… My first time getting a tooth pulled at the dentist. Am I scared? Not necessarily. Rather very anxious and self conscious. We haven’t been able to get anything done on our teeth since I was about eight. And the only reason we were able to do so at the time, was because my mom was a dental assistant.

So my teeth look terrible. So I am not happy about the doc looking at them. I’ve been wishing that they could do it blindfolded… But then I would never go if that was the case. I think I will just have to get ready for it before hand, of course.

I hope Keen does ok. I’m kind of tempted to have him sit on my lap while he’s pulling them. The reason being that, yes, it will help me, but Keen doesn’t like the dentist much either. He does not like the fact that, well… One, the chair moves away from him. Two, he can’t see me and can’t get to me when he needs to alert.

So, I hope he and I are able to teamwork it and make it through ok. I’ll let you know how it goes sometime tonight.



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