Keen’s Story

So I don’t know if I ever mentioned how we came about finding Keen. It started when Deb, owner of Service Canines of Montana, Facebook messaged me a photo of him and another pup asking me which one I would like better…


I said I’d like the short haired male and she agreed that he was better fit for the job. Later we discover that a few days before Deb came by the shelter, Keen and his litter mate were found in a dumpster. Somebody just threw him in there to be discovered by somebody that called the shelter to pick them up.

When the trainer started his training, she discovered that he had some behaviors that are very similar to street dog behaviors. He would grab at a treat super quickly and sometimes bite your hand when given one. When fed his meals, he will suck in his stomach and pretty much all fat and muscle in so that he just looks like skin and bones, while gripping the bowl and not slowing down a single bit. It is also taking longer for me to train him to ignore food. We are thinking the reason is because when he was abandoned, he was always competing for his food, therefore causing him to eat it as soon as he sees it.

He still has all these issues. The biting your hand when giving a treat has stopped though. Everything else is still the same… His experience has scarred him for life. We two beings that have been given the opportunity to take care of eachother even though we may both be broken in our own ways.

You can read my mom’s version on her blog… doridays-redemption

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