Dentist Appointment… Successful!

I have an infected baby tooth that needs to be pulled. So we went to the dentist today. We found out that the tooth that needs to be pulled does not have an adult tooth to replace it. That’s the reason it has stayed in for so long. My parents and I are a little ok with that because I have such a tiny mouth that that gap will probably fill in no time.

Anyways, I was a little nervous about going today because I have never had a tooth pulled before. That is if it doesn’t count a stubborn baby teeth when I was younger, and my dad using pliers to pull them out. I actually got to the point of begging my dad to pull the tooth, but he said he wouldn’t do it unless it was halfway out already.

I was considering getting two rocks to push it out like in cast away… Yeah… Very disturbing thought. But it was hurting so bad that I would rather go through a ton of pain for a bit, than continuing in the manner that I was already… Now that idea seems like such a bad idea to me.

Back to my topic… Keen was a little antsy since I was anxious and it being a new place. The nurse called us back and I sat down and had him sit at the foot of the chair while she was doing X-rays. When we were waiting for the doc to come in, he whined a little bit and I pet him till he gave me the ok. Then the doc arrived and he sat down and started lowering the chair and lying it back. Keen was having none of that. He got up and started to climb up on the chair as if he was going to stop it from moving. I got him to lie down again and he did fine for the rest of the visit.

I was very proud of him. I didn’t know how it was going to go, and I was considering having my mom hold on to him while I went back. Then I thought about how I could have an episode and I wouldn’t know, therefore, not being able to prevent it. He did good. Hopefully the tooth pulling will be good too.

They sent me away with prescription until next week. They will then pull the tooth. Another plus is that the prescription came in a PURPLE bottle! My favorite color! And I have NEVER had any other color than orange… Although it is my second favorite color… Anyways… All around good day for me and Keen!


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