Just Chatty

So I was sick all week long. With a cold and bad fever. My parents just got back from their trip and my Mama wanted me to use oils. I was not going to use those because I hate the smell. But I caved due to my discomfort (I was willing to try anything at this point… Even chopping off my own head). So she did this concoction of… Stuff and smeared all over my face. Oh man did it smell and burn.

After I was able to see again, I instantly felt better. My migraine was gone, my nose as no longer plugged, and I could think. I think those things are miracle workers. This incident has shed a new light on them! To me anyway. Although they still aren’t the first thing that I would turn to.

So I did laundry and washed my bed sheets while I was sick. The best part is smelling the clean sheets when I climb into bed. Now I can actually do that. I feel like going to look for old stuff… And making a big thing of a banana and strawberry smoothie with some malt powder in it. Just for me. Man am I wanting something cold and fruity! And sugary!

Also, while I was sick, I was cold the majority of the time during my fever. That is until it decided to change on me. I got so hot that I wanted to go stand in the crummy muddy weather outside, but I didn’t have the energy to do that. So I went to our freezer and pulled out a DQ sundae… And ate it. It was just the thing I need to cool down too (my big sis works at DQ and brought a sundae home).

I’ve also noticed since I’ve had Keen that he LOVES stuffed animals. He and I will get up in the morning and he’ll go get one of my stuffed moose. We go up stairs in the morning, and he’ll bring a stuffed moose. He’ll play with our other dog Attie, and go get a stuffed moose. I’ll tell him to go get his vest down in my room, and he’ll get a stuffed moose. I’m sitting in bed right now and he keeps getting my stuffed moose, Gilbert, no matter how many times I put it back.

I love my Keener Beener. He always knows what to do to cheer me up! Even if I accidentally slapped him during my temporary blindness.

“I don’t know where your purple moose is.”

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