My Miracle Dog

Since I am no longer attending school, I don’t get out to hang with people my age very often. Social settings also hold a ton of anxiety for me. So for the first time since withdrawing from school, I went to youth group with my little sis and my friend Tessa. I was excited as we were driving there, but when we got there, it was SO loud.

Keen slept on the way there so when we got there, he was pretty quite. And of course the first thing everyone asked was what HIS name was. Not mine. They actually kept forgetting my name (much to my surprise, yet not really), but remembered Keen’s. Then there were the introductions. I started to get a little anxious at this time, which made Keen alert. Then to top it off, there was yelling, ping pong games, pool, and loud music to make it so much more tolerable (hope you’re getting the sarcasm).

I had to leave a few times to collect myself. Finally, everyone started quieting down and sitting in the chairs. Then to my dismay, they started a charade game and everyone started yelling again. Keen kept alerting me so I finally just went outside to take a break and potty him. A few minutes later I went back in and sat down. That was when I started getting the oddest feeling.

I was not able to focus. I couldn’t hear what other people were saying or doing, I could only hear my breathing. Then I started getting SO hot. I felt like someone opened a furnace right next to me and then poured gasoline on me and lit a match. Keen kept getting up and whining and then doing DPT. He even went to my sister and put his head on her lap, whining. She didn’t realize what he was doing, but I knew he was alerting her to me.

How did he get me to come out of it? Well we tried DPT but when that wasn’t working very well, he resorted to being naughty which caused me to start focusing on him and getting him to behave instead of on what I was feeling. When I was almost out of it Keen pulled the cute card and rolled over to get his belly rubbed. Everyone thought it was so cute, but I think he knew he did good and wanted recognition.

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