… I wish… This post is going to be on reasons why fake service dogs should be extinct and fined for trying. And then my take on the matter.

1. People that try to pull their pets off as service dogs, look way too into making sure they look legitimate. A LOT of websites make a ton of money from selling “Real Service Dog Identification” cards. They don’t actually read the ADA laws, so this leads to them strapping a vest on their dog and flashing their SD ID around. When in reality, there is no certification or ID badges for legitimate SDs. Therefore this leads to a real SD handler being asked to show an ID when they have none, and asked to leave.

2. Their “service dog” is not trained to mitigate a disability. In fact, they aren’t trained at all! Often times business owners confront a person with a “SD” because the dog is barking, snatching food off people’s plates, and more. Then the owner pulls the “service dog” card on them, and the business owner is left watching as the owner walks around with their “SD” eating food, urinating, defecating, and so on until they leave.

3. The “handler” doesn’t have a handle on the dog at all. I read an article the other day about how a fake SD (dachshund) attacked a real SD (pit bull) and ended up tearing up the legitimate SD’s face because she was trained NOT to fight. Then I went to a hardware store, and Keen and I were walking in the middle aisle when this little “SD” comes running up to Keen. The dog was snarling and barking while he was biting at Keen’s back legs. I was trying to get between them while the “handler” was twenty feet away (still browsing) saying, “Oh you be nice now. Don’t do that.” I was so afraid that this outing would end up being a sequel to the article I was reading.

So those are three points that I could think of right off the top of my head. I think that it would help if everybody read and understood the ADA laws. For the second point, I think it would have been helpful for the business owner to have known the law, and maybe have a copy of it, so that he could point out that they would indeed have to leave because their dog is not acting appropriately. I think businesses should have a copy of the ADA laws, so that they can refer to it if need be.

It would probably help minimize the amount of people getting away with it if everybody was educated on the matter. These are of course my opinions on the matter. I feel very strongly on this subject due to how appalling the things people do to make it so that their dogs can go anywhere and everywhere with them.


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