So… You’re not blind?

Oh my W! I appalls me how rude and stupid people can be. During the summer, my cousin’s husband and I went to go wait for my grandparents in front of the baseball stadium before the game started. And while we were waiting, an older gentleman came up and asked him what Grace was for. He responded saying that she is a PTSD dog. Then the guy turned his whole body towards him and said, “So you’re not blind?”

He got so mad that he just turned around and walked away in fear of killing the guy. I haven’t had that happen to me personally… Yet. Although I have had people walk by and stop and ask to pet Keen. Some people are so bold as to just go right up and start petting him. The there are others who just infuriate me! Those are the ones who start calling him and making kissing noises. I mean really! How stupid are you?! Would you like it if some one came up to your kid and start calling them to you when you’re standing right there?!

The one place that I just adore are banks. Especially the one by my house. I made a ‘thank you’ video for all the people who donated towards me getting Keen. My boss then shared it on her facebook page, so all the people in Churchill and Manhattan know me and Keen. I hate it when people don’t talk to me, but rather to my dog. Do they not see the one holding the leash? Anyways, the people at the bank by my house address me and then ask me how me AND Keen are doing. It really means a lot to me that they are so courteous as to care about the person caring and controlling the dog.

I did some research today on how to address the no petting of your SD. I came up with two great ways to address it. The first one is that when someone starts to reach to pet him/her, you put your hand in the way so that they end up letting your hand. Then you look at them smiling and say, “Can you please not pet my dog?” I haven’t tried it yet but I intend on trying it as soon as possible. The second way is to teach the dog the ignore command. This way when someone starts petting your SD, you can just keep repeating the ‘ignore’ command and the dog “good boy/girl,” until they get that they aren’t supposed to be petting the dog.

I think I like the first one best because then they won’t touch him at all. But with the second one, the person might be too obtuse to realize that they aren’t supposed to be petting the SD. I also believe it would really help if you had a patch that says DO NOT PET with a large hand in the middle that’s crossed out, on BOTH sides of the vest. Sometimes people only see one side of the vest and think they can pet the SD because it didn’t say not to.

One like this…

I hope you are able to find this post helpful and have a fantastic week!

Click here to watch the video…Thank You Video

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