Just Jabbering

Sorry that I haven’t been writing these past few days… Pipp went with my sister and brother to go see my grandparents, and my little sister and I stayed behind. The reason being that I had to work and had Keen to work with. The truth being that the fact that Keen is just now getting the rules of our house, we couldn’t throw him into a completely different environment and expect him to behave himself. But it was still disappointing.

Although Keen and I got to go places we haven’t gone to before, together. Friday, we went out to eat. Even though he did sneak a fry that was under the table, he did very well. And then today we went to the library in Bozeman and then walked downtown afterwards. The library, being so big and busy, we had to go and park in a different parking lot. Then to add more stress, there was an accident in front of the library stopping a lot of traffic.

Even though I wasn’t driving, I still got super anxious. Keen did not like the ride either. He did however like the walk downtown. I got him a hoof to hold onto until we finished our stroll. I didn’t take the wrapper off until we finished, that’s why he wasn’t able to chew it yet.

There was an incident in the library though. We were in the nonfiction section and, of course, it was quiet. But as we were leaving the aisle and this guy runs up and stops right before he runs into us. Keen was having none of it. He ran in front of me, with hackles up, growling at the guy. The guy throws his hands up and backs up.

I got Keen to snap out of it and calm down. The guy was walking behind us and said that he likes dogs so he doesn’t want him to bite him, in a joking voice. It was an interesting experience. Good to know that he watches out for me, and quite frankly, I was very proud of him.

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