Puppies and Whatnot

Sorry I haven’t been writing the past few days… I was so exhausted by the end of the day that I just went right to sleep. The cause of the exhaustion being Keen. I got him for good on Tuesday, and he knows it. Therefore he is testing me to see if I’m the top dog or not. He has been getting into the garbage, pulling on the leash, and not listening to me at all. I have really had to crack down on him…

This is Keen after his first day home sleeping with his mouth open… I really tuckered him out!

This is going to be a really short post. Keen is whining at me… I think he might be alerting me, or he needs to go to the bathroom, or he’s just being a snot. Anyways, today I had to go to work and Keen would NOT leave me alone! He kept whining, looking at me, and pawing me. I finally realized that he was alerting me after a few minutes of him doing that. So I took him for little stroll around the house.

It apparently worked to calm him (or me) down enough that I was ready to get in the truck and drove to work… I cannot get behind the wheel if he is alerting me because I don’t know when (or if) I will have an episode which would lead us to getting into an accident. So, I preferred to have him calm enough for him to let me drive.

So, I hope to get back to my daily blogging soon. And that will probably be when Keen starts to behave, which might be after we both get tested… Ugh another topic for another blog…

Keen really wants me to direct my attention back to him.


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