Just Breathe…

So I’m sitting at the desk at work. I finished all the chores and now I’m waiting for someone to show up to get their cat. And I’m shaking. Starting to find it difficult to breathe and stay focused. My therapist tells me to just breathe when I’m starting to feel anxious. Easier said than done…

It is like my mind has decided to take over (which is what a doctor said when he tested me a long time ago), and I’m struggling to take control again. You see, now is when the “what ifs” come in.

Right now I’m wishing I had Keen. I want to hug him and have him just absorb all my anxieties and worries. A dog, in my opinion, is the best companion to have when this begins to happen. The reason being that, if you have a person beside you, they will want you to tell them what’s wrong. What is making you so worried? When, frankly, I have no idea.

I don’t know why I’m beginning to panic. That being because something in my brain has triggered the floodgate of anxieties. So now every single worry hits me all at once. The panic state is where my anxiety has sucker punched me in the gut, making it difficult to breathe. At least that’s what it feels like.

So when someone tells me to “just breathe,” I tend to get angry and uncomfortable. Which intensifies it. All in all, I’m very grateful that I will have Keen. He won’t want to know why I feel this way, he just wants to fix it. It also helps that he is the only one able to get me out of it.

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