The Thought…

I am quite young still and have not had to go through losing someone… That is until recently…

When I was little, my family and I lived in a small mountain town in Idaho, called McCall. Oh we LOVED it there! One of our houses was on top of this hill by a river and everyday my neighbors and I would haul our bikes down the steep path down to the river. And as to be expected, there was an aspen forest right beside it. We would go looking for osprey nests and imagine where we would put a treehouse if we could build one.

Then in the winter time, we get about 8 feet of snow, but not all at once. We would get up early in the morning to go build forts under the snow. But what we liked the most was when the plow would come by and maximize the size of the bank to about ten feet or so! We would make a few test runs in our sleds, and then put as many of us on one sled as we could at a time a push.

We would be going really fast and then (most of us) thrown off the sled as it meets up with the road. Those who stayed on continued across the icy road until we hit the other embankment. We would spend hours doing that!

But, the times when our parents would have a study group, we would have to be babysat by two girls… Katelyn and Jessica. We LOVED having them over! They were about 5 years older than I. At the time, I was a VERY rebellious girl (some would beg to differ that I still am), and would pull pranks and propose to play hide an seek. Unto which I would hide in a very clever spot (behind a door) and then sneak away, when they were in another room, to do as I wish. Mhm… Very… Naughty girl actually.

Anyways, we would spend most Sunday’s and Wednesday’s with them. That is until we moved to montana. About two years after moving, we got a call from her mom saying that Katelyn has cancer. The kind of cancer that can’t be treated. It was quite a shock to us when we heard. I know that I didn’t think too much of it at the time. Do to my youth, I did not know how serious it was.

A year ago we heard that she had gotten married so that she could have a wedding while she still had all her hair. Then in November, she was in the hospital for a very high fever and dehydration. Katelyn told her mom that it was time and slipped away that night. That was when I lost someone dear to me for the first time.

Now I am facing that again… But with someone I have gotten to know VERY well while she and I were being trained to groom. My trainer’s daughter, Sadie (not her real name), is 24 and has had a tumor on her pituitary gland when she was eleven. Now her tumors have spread… Everywhere it seems. The doctors can perform surgery to remove them, but her cortisol level is so high that the stress of going under anesthesia, would kill her instantly.

Her mom is expecting the worse. She says that she has no idea how to prepare Sadie’s brother. She says that all they can do is cherish every moment with her, because the don’t know if it’ll be the last.

Please pray for them and keep them in your thoughts. Thank you very much!


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