In my last post I wrote that when I had Keen for a time that I got VERY frustrated. Well… I have had Pipp for about 6 years.


And he is a Jack Russell and dachshund mix… The bad thing is that his dachshund side of him was dapple. Dapple dogs carry a mutation gene that causes deafness and blindness, and to such high extremes that they could be born without eyes or ears. Pipp got the “better end of the stick.” He is hard of hearing but only directionally, and he can’t see very well because his brown eye’s (yes he has different colored eyes, blue and brown) pupil looks like the yoke of an egg when it is punctured… Ew… That is a really gross image… But it is the only way I can describe it. It really actually looks like that.

Pipp thinks the barking from downstairs is coming from the window.

The issue with him is that he has separation anxiety, which is part of the jack characteristics. He also can’t handle very cold weather… Therefore he leaves bombs in the house for us to discover later. And that can get REALLY frustrating. Not to mention the fact that I got a really big kennel for Keen when he started coming over a lot and I’ve had to put Pipp in it because it is the only kennel he can’t escape from. The kennels that are his size, he ends up breaking because he stands at the base of the door and then pushes up with all his might until the door pops out or the top of the kennels cracks and the door falls out.

For a dumb mutated dog, he’s pretty smart. Have you ever blown on a dog and they get really annoyed and pull away? Well, when I do it to Pipp, he looks at me like “Seriously? You really gonna do that?” And then he presses his head against my mouth so that I can’t blow anymore. Genius… And I know that it’s mean to do that, but it is so much fun! I know that it might be because I’m a teen and that a teen’s job is to obnoxious… Haha!

But I love my dawgz. They complete me. In fact I can’t stand have a sleepover at anyone’s how unless they have a dog that likes to snuggle. I will snuggle with dogs but not other humans… I’ve got issues.



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