My Struggle After Being Diagnosed with Conversion Disorder

The definition of conversion disorder is that your brain cannot handle stress so it manifests it in a physical manner. For me it is a seizure, temporary paralysis, and difficulty with speech.

So, after I was diagnosed I went back home and got to go to the last few days of school for the year (which I did get straight A’s for the whole year even though I missed 64 days of school). As summer began I began to get VERY depressed and missing being around my friends, which I began to find difficult. On July 9, 2014, my parents discovered that I was planning to commit suicide. So they took me to the hospital where I spent two days in the psych ward… Kinda.

The entire time I was having episodes, so they kept rushing me to the ER. But the second time I was taken to the ER, it was because I had a fever of 103.4. So they did more tests to find the reason for that and my migraines, and the psych doc wanted me to take another EEG because he was not convinced that the episodes were non electro graphic, due to how real they looked. My stats would even change: blood pressure, complexion, oxygen, and heart rate would go through the roof.

So they discovered that I had malnutrition and had to put a feeding tube in me (which was not at all enjoyable), because I couldn’t get myself to eat and I was so weak that I couldn’t even stand. So they put me on the surgical floor. And that was where I met someone that changed my whole life…


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