A Service Dog

While I was in the hospital, my grandparents said that I have a family member that would really like to come see me. I thought that ‘oh it is going to be an aunt or something that I haven’t met,’ because I do not know family on my dads side because I don’t leave home often.

So this big guy with a thick beard comes in and he is holding the leash to a dog. I was quite surprised and excited to have a dog in the room because I was dreadfully missing my dog from home. And I discovered that he was the husband of my gma’s sister’s daughter. I also discovered that I have met their kids who were 4 and 8… I think.

He started telling his story about how he is a veteran who suffered from TBI (same as me… But I was eight) and was diagnosed with dissociative disorder (same as conversion disorder) and PTSD. He said that his symptoms portrayed in the same exact manner as mine do. Then he revealed that he then met with the owner of Service Canines of Montana and discovered he was eligible to get a service dog. It would help with both the PTSD and the anxiety. And that’s how he got Grace.

She is black lab and loves hats, socks, and balls. He would have Grace jump up on the bed and lie down with me. We all started to get very close and they spent nearly everyday at the hospital with me. They were also ones that got me to eat my first somewhat meal! It consisted of a few French fries. We joked and they got big humungous notebook of paper so that I could draw him a moose (which is my favorite animal).

He got me to speak with the owner of Service Canines of Montana, and we started a fundraiser so that I could get a dog. After I was released from the hospital, I went to spend a few weeks with them. And those two weeks were the best days of my life. I love them so very much!!

At the end of August, I was told that they found me a dog. And I named him Keen.



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